Gaming Headset


Foldable USB Gaming 5.1Ch Real Surrounding Headset with Leatherette Ear Cover


1. USB Spec. 2.0 full speed compliant.

2. Support 48 / 44.1 KHz sampling rate for both playback and recording

3. 5.1 channel DAC output with 16 bit resolution

4. USB power supply indicator (Blue LED).

5. Digital volume control

6. USB  audio codec.

7. Adjustable earcup for comfortable wearing.
1. Total Harmonic Distortion (T.H.D.):

  Less Than 1%(Subwoofer).

  Less Than 1%(Front/Rear/Center).

2. Max. Output Power:

  Subwoofer: 100mW

  Center: 30mW

  Front/Rear: 30mW

1. Driver Unit:

  Subwoofer: Φ40mm 32Ω 100mWx2PCS

  Front/Rear: Φ30mm 32Ω 50mWx4PCS

  Center: Φ30mm 64Ω 50mWx2PCS

2. Frequency Response:

  Subwoofer: 20Hz~1KHz

  Front/Rear: 20Hz~20KHz

  Center: 20Hz~20KHz


Impedance:2.2 K Ω  


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